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Sound healing with tuning forks, chimes, gongs, and tuning crystals offered by Rachel Michaelsen, LCSW, D-CEP

I’m a seasoned psychotherapist offering Energy Psychology, Havening Techniques® and Sound Healing treatment. They are processes that uses vibration, deep relaxation and subtle energy to reach the roots of suffering, deep in your nervous system. 


The result?


  • Feel transformed

  • See tangible benefits in your mind and body.

  • Find relief … tranquility … groundedness … connection … hope

Choose private sessions, group gatherings, or both.

(All treatments are via confidential phone or Zoom calls.)

Is something blocking you from fullfilling your commitment to authentic wellness?


Our world today is more challenging than ever. Stress, fear, outrage, disconnect ... sometimes it’s like being tossed around in an emotional hurricane.

I can help.

What you think you become

      What you feel you attract

          What you imagine you create


Closed flower bud symbolizing barriers to fulfillment that can be dissolved with counseling from Rachel Michaelsen, LCSW, D-CEP

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