I can incorporate sound healing into psychotherapy sessions. I also offer sound healing as a separate service, apart from psychotherapy.

Sound healing sessions involve the use of tuning forks on or over the body to address a wide range of issues including:

  • physical pain

  • stress

  • specific health issues

  • emotional issues

Most people report feelings of lightness, spaciousness, and relaxation after a session, as well as a decrease or elimination of the symptoms that led them to seek to sound healing.

Sessions usually take place on a massage table, although some treatments may be done standing or seated.  Unlike the integrated psychotherapy sessions I offer, which may include sound healing along with other modalities, these sessions do not include talk therapy or Energy Psychology techniques.

I have had success addressing a variety of issues using sound healing, including:

  • arthritis

  • headaches

  • inflammation

  • pain 

  • post-surgery healing

  • stress

Sound Healing Sessions

Rachel Michaelsen, LCSW, uses tuning forks in sound healing sessions in Berkeley, CA