Individual Sessions

  • Do you feel stuck and unable to reach your goals?

  • Are you tired of talking only about what isn’t working?

  • Do you want to take action that creates change?

  • Are you ready to transform your life?

I offer individual counseling that integrates Energy Psychology techniques and sound healing with problem solving and solution building to overcome the obstacles preventing you from reaching your goals.


What happens when we meet?

When you come in for a session, you may have a specific issue you want to address. Once we’ve defined your concern, I’ll ask which therapeutic methods you might like to try. It’s always your decision whether and when to use a specific approach in a given session. Some options:

Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology therapy releases and restores natural patterns of energy flow within the body. Techniques include:


  • tapping* on acupuncture points

  • holding chakras and other physical points that access the energy body

  • repeating verbal affirmations

I draw on a variety of Energy Psychology (EP) approaches, including:

I can also offer guidance for using EP methods on your own, between sessions.

Energy Medicine


Energy Medicine (EM) techniques include tapping, guided breathing, and gentle touch* on specific areas of the body. Some effects of EM include:

  • mental and physical relaxation

  • increased calm

  • ease and freedom

  • decreased pain

  • improved mental focus

  • heightened creativity


A couple of the techniques I often use with clients (follow along with the videos below):

Sound Healing


Sound Healing is a form of therapy that uses audio vibrations to restore the body’s natural energy flow. To achieve this, I use a set of custom-made tuning forks, each vibrating at a single pure frequency. Your therapy may involve:

  • listening to a series of activated tuning forks held in the air near your ears

  • experiencing the forks moving over specific areas of your body (generally acupuncture points and chakras)

  • feeling the forks brought into contact with areas of the body experiencing pain or blocked energy

Before we start our session, I’ll invite you to choose the manner in which you’d like me to use the tuning forks on or around your body. You’re free to stop or adjust the work at any time.


Sound Healing treatments can be done with the client seated, standing, or lying down.


Integrated Approach


Sometimes I’ll use Sound Healing while simultaneously guiding you through either an Energy Psychology or Energy Medicine practice. Similarly, I may combine Sound Healing treatment with therapeutic conversation.

I also provide Sound Healing sessions that are not integrated with psychotherapy. You can learn more about them here.

Demonstration Videos

Follow along with these Energy Psychology exercises:

Cook’s Hook-Up

Developed by Wayne Cook

Heart Breathing

Developed by John Diapold