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Animals, like people, have subtle energy running through their bodies. These vital patterns may be disturbed by abuse, loss, change, or the distress of human companions. 


I offer a variety of energy practices for your animal including tapping, holding chakras, and sound vibration. 

In the past, I’ve been able to:


  • help a bereaved dog feel safe interacting with humans more often and for longer periods.

  • deepen the bond between two cats and their human following a traumatic divorce.

  • enable a terrified dog to go from non-stop barking to lasting confidence and calm. (He even slept through fireworks!)

  • guide an elderly dog from post-injury confusion and weakness to enthusiastic eating, walking, and play.

  • soothe a cat recovering from an illness and help her sleep better.

Lucky the dog recovered his energy after energy healing by Rachel Michaelsen, LCSW.
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