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Difficult experiences can create emotional and behavioral problems by disrupting the body’s energy system. Research has shown that distress can disrupt the energetic paths between the body’s neurons. Sound Healing and Energy Healing techniques can restore these natural pathways, allowing the blossoming of healthy changes in emotional and behavioral responses (even in stressful situations).

Sound Healing encompasses a range of therapies using sound-generating media to treat physical and mental conditions. Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology techniques also address physical and mental condition as well as performance issues.

In sessions, I may use precisely calibrated tuning forks and/or chimes which resonating at different notes or frequencies. By listening to these sounds alone or in combination with Energy Medicine or Energy Psychology techniques, you will be able to 

  • uncover and/or release emotions

  • disrupt unwanted behavior patterns

  • dissolve blocks to achieving goals

  • stimulate growth and development

  • facilitate inner harmony and calm

Techniques used in Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology can unblock dammed-up pathways, freeing the energy and improving our emotional and behavioral responses, both in daily life and in exceptionally challenging situations. Such techniques include tapping on acupuncture points, holding chakras, and holding or rubbing other points that access the “energy body.”


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