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Healing from the inside out


Rachel Michaelsen, LCSW is one of the few psychotherapists in the Bay Area offering the latest Energy Psychology and Sound Healing methods in combination with classical talk therapy.

During the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic emergency, sessions are available to California clients via Internet teleconference or telephone.

Introduction to energy psychology and energy medicine. Rachel Michaelsen, LCSW, psychotherapist, offers energy psychology, sound healing, and traditional "talk therapy."

Difficult experiences can create emotional and behavioral problems by disrupting the body’s energy system. Research has shown that distress can disrupt the energetic paths between the body’s neurons. Energy healing techniques can restore these natural pathways, allowing the blossoming of healthy changes in emotional and behavioral responses (even in stressful situations).

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Energy Psychology & Energy Medicine

Sound Healing

Introduction to sound healing by Rachel Michaelsen, LCSW, psychotherapist, offering counseling, energy psychology, and sound healing

Sound Healing encompasses a range of therapies using sound-generating media to treat physical and mental conditions.

I use a set of precisely calibrated tuning forks resonating at different notes or frequencies. Placed above, around, or on key areas of the body, their controlled vibrations:

  • uncover and/or release emotions

  • disrupt unwanted behavior patterns

  • dissolve blocks to achieving goals

  • stimulate growth and development

  • facilitate inner harmony and calm

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